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Engineering Art exists to celebrate and give access to drawings of some of the world’s leading pieces of engineering. 

Engineering related pictures generally show the complete assembly, with bodywork covering the mechanical engineering of the mechanisms and structure. The prints of engineering drawings available through Engineering Art show the beauty of these parts and the skill and creativity of the exceptional design engineers who created them. 

Engineers design most of the things that we use in our lives and in the future they will help to deliver the solutions to sustain and protect human society’s existence, yet most people do not really understand what their work consists of. Hopefully this website will help to explain this and inspire some of the next generation to become engineers.

All prints of the engineering drawings are digitally printed and available with available with 2 paper quality options: 140gsm poster quality matt white paper with black ink or 210gsm quality matt white paper with black ink, in exceptional detail, suitable for exhibition display. 

The images of the drawings shown on the website are low resolution and have a watermark across them. The delivered prints are much clearer, high resolution images, without a watermark.